Anne-Marie Trang, dnj Gallery Assistant, came to Los Angeles after graduating from Johns Hopkins University, while working at various art spaces in LA and throughout the country. At school, she majored in Film and Media Studies. Anne-Marie then spent a year in France at University of Paris VII, focusing on museum studies and contemporary art. She is currently working on her Masters Degree in art history at the Sarbonne.

Corey Grayhorse, dnj Gallery Manager, began her photography career, both commercial and in fine-arts, at Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California. In 2001, Corey relocated to Providence, Rhode Island, to continue to develop as a photographer, and formed her own photography company. She also worked in Woonsocket, Rhode Island for three years with an after-school program, River Edge Arts, as the Director of Digital Photography and a mentor for the kids. Corey decided to bring her business home in 2014.

Ed Merkle, dnj gallery consultant, born and raised in Southern California. He has worked with both commercial and fine art photographer from around the world. He studied Fine Art Photography throughout So.Cal. and is a graduate of C.S.U.Fullerton. Ed has worked in various capacities starting galleries, teaching, setting up digital and traditional studios and labs. A self-described happy wanderer with a camera, he loves finding new and obscure artists and helping promote them.

Andrew Schwartz, dnj gallery consultant, born in New York, moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s. He has been a member of the Modern and Contemporary Art Council and the Photo Art Council at LACMA. He was the former director of the Jan Turner Gallery and was an expert in photography and rare books at Sotheby's in Los Angeles. Throughout the years, he has developed his own extensive collection of photography and contemporary art.

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